“Crypto Currency Girls” a new Japanese idol group

Screen Shot 2018-01-11 at 11.04.04 AMA Japanese website called “Natalie” introduced a new idol group called, “Crypto Currency Girls”. They wear crypto currency masks. There are 8 members. Each member represents a crypto currency. The leader, Lala represents BCH. Other members are BTC, NEM, MONA, ETH, ADA, NEO and XRP. They only accept crypto currency from customers for purchasing tickets to live shows and merchandise.

They have a song, which is crypto currency themed.


The lyrics are all about crypto currency. Words in the song are actually used by traders such as Inago, Ikude, Yarude and Kaimashiya. Those words are Japan slang for the crypto world like “HODL, FUD, Lambo and Mooning”. Many people use these words on Twitter.

The 1st verse summary

“I opened a crypto currency exchange account. It was so much easier to send crypto currency than I thought. Let’s do mining! It costs a lot in electric bills though. If you buy crypto currency when it expensive, it will be hell. New ICO, be careful with fraud. Be careful with security.”

Japanese people comment on Twitter:

“The concept is interesting, but I can’t focus on anything because the masks are a big distraction for me.”
“So, next new idol group that will be created is BTC48?”
“What the heck!?”
“Why is the leader Bitcoin Cash?”
“I wanna know if their salary is paid with crypto currency. lol”

The producer’s marketing strategy is very good to get the Idol group out into the public spotlight. We’ll see if they get more popular or if they will disappear.

Here is the Crypto Currency Girls’ official Twitter?

(Natalie link https://natalie.mu/music/news/264109)

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