Popular grandma photographer

There is an old woman who is a very famous amateur photographer. Kimiko Nishimoto, 89 years old, has taken photos since she was 72 years old. Her selfies got very popular because they are very unique! Her son holds photography classes. His student brought his photos to Kimiko and her son’s  house. Kimiko and her friend were viewing his photos and Kimiko said ” Wow, … Continue reading Popular grandma photographer

HADO, throw energy balls in the real world!

Dreams come true! Many game fans or Dragon ball fans have wished they could do a Kamehameha. Finally, it can happen in Japan! A Japanese company, “meleap” invented HADO. They say “HADO is the combination of motion censor, smartphone, AR (augmented Reality) tech, and sports that creates a whole new experience that we call Techno Sports.” “HADO’s AR tech enables people to shoot the energy … Continue reading HADO, throw energy balls in the real world!

Mario Kart… on my phone!?

Nintendo announced they will make a smartphone App called “Mariokart Tour”. It will be released in March 2019. Nintendo already has smartphone Apps such as, Dobutsunomori and Super Mario Run. The MARIO KART Series has sold 145 million cassettes in the world. The first game of in the series is MARIO KART which launched on August 27th, 1992  in Japan. The latest one is MARIO KART … Continue reading Mario Kart… on my phone!?

Vending Machine Heaven

When I visited Tokyo 1-2 years ago, I saw a new kind of vending machine. The vending machine looked like a very large smart phone. Immediately, I took a photo. People must have thought “Why is she taking a photo of a vending machine? She must be from the country side.” Haha. (Photo Via Acure) According to the company, Acure, that makes this smart phone … Continue reading Vending Machine Heaven

Female students are allowed to wear pants at school

Almost all schools in Japan have their own uniforms. Each school has strict uniform rules, but many students still enjoy rearranging their uniforms while still “following” the uniform rules. (I really hate the uniform rules because it doesn’t make any sense.) According to Yahoo! News Japan, Taiyo Middle School in Hiratsuka City Kanagawa, Japan will allow female students to wear pants from April, 2018. The … Continue reading Female students are allowed to wear pants at school

Why Japanese people don’t buy U.S. cars?

I was looking for something interesting about Japan. I googled “Why Japanese”, and I found a video on BBC News “Why don’t Japanese drivers buy U.S. cars?”. The video explains why very well.  Here is the link to the video  As the video shows, many streets and parking lots are so narrow in Japan. Cars from the U.S. are too big. It’ll be very hard … Continue reading Why Japanese people don’t buy U.S. cars?

Reactions towards the inbounding missile

The morning of January 13th 2017, Hawaii residents and visitors got emergency alert on their smartphones, “A ballistic missile threat is inbound to Hawaii. Seek immediate shelter. This is not a drill”. First of all, my husband screamed when he read that a missile was heading inbound to Hawaii. My U.S. mainland friend who lives in Hawaii called his family to say “I love you”. … Continue reading Reactions towards the inbounding missile

“Crypto Currency Girls” a new Japanese idol group

A Japanese website called “Natalie” introduced a new idol group called, “Crypto Currency Girls”. They wear crypto currency masks. There are 8 members. Each member represents a crypto currency. The leader, Lala represents BCH. Other members are BTC, NEM, MONA, ETH, ADA, NEO and XRP. They only accept crypto currency from customers for purchasing tickets to live shows and merchandise. They have a song, which … Continue reading “Crypto Currency Girls” a new Japanese idol group

Virtual YouTubers are a new boom for Otaku culture

Yahoo! News Japan has introduced a virtual YouTuber Kaguya Luna. Actually, this was the first time for me to hear about Virtual YouTubers in my life, so I Googled about it. Apparently, there are some famous virtual YouTubers in Japan. I’d like to introduce them.   Kizuna Ai     She is the original Virtual YouTuber. She started YouTube in December 2016. She speaks Japanese, … Continue reading Virtual YouTubers are a new boom for Otaku culture