Love Hotels in Japan

(Via A common basic love hotel room I thought Love Hotels were everywhere. All over the world. ¬†Until I live outside of Japan. A Love Hotel is a hotel for making love. Usually, people can choose to stay for as short as 2 hours, “Free Time” (Happy Hour) or stay a night. When you check out, guests just pay through an ATM-like machine in … Continue reading Love Hotels in Japan

Reactions towards the inbounding missile

The morning of January 13th 2017, Hawaii residents and visitors got emergency alert on their smartphones, “A ballistic missile threat is inbound to Hawaii. Seek immediate shelter. This is not a drill”. First of all, my husband screamed when he read that a missile was heading inbound to Hawaii. My U.S. mainland friend who lives in Hawaii called his family to say “I love you”. … Continue reading Reactions towards the inbounding missile

“Crypto Currency Girls” a new Japanese idol group

A Japanese website called “Natalie” introduced a new idol group called, “Crypto Currency Girls”. They wear crypto currency masks. There are 8 members. Each member represents a crypto currency. The leader, Lala represents BCH. Other members are BTC, NEM, MONA, ETH, ADA, NEO and XRP. They only accept crypto currency from customers for purchasing tickets to live shows and merchandise. They have a song, which … Continue reading “Crypto Currency Girls” a new Japanese idol group

An island where nobody can have a dog

According to Nishinippon Shinbun, there is an island that having a dog as a pet is a big taboo. The island is located in Saga prefecture, it is called Kakarashima (???). About 130 people live there (2015). A journalist who works for Nishinippon Shinbun has visited the island. The journalist has asked residents about having pet dogs. People said “No one can own a dog, … Continue reading An island where nobody can have a dog

Taking photo with the sound of a shutter

I’ve been in the U.S for 2 and half years. I go back to Japan once or twice a year. When I back to Japan, I was realized that people are taking photos with sound of a shutter. I was kind of annoyed by it. Also, Japanese travelers take photos with the shutter sound even outside of Japan. I was also doing same thing when … Continue reading Taking photo with the sound of a shutter