Vending Machine Heaven

When I visited Tokyo 1-2 years ago, I saw a new kind of vending machine. The vending machine looked like a very large smart phone. Immediately, I took a photo. People must have thought “Why is she taking a photo of a vending machine? She must be from the country side.” Haha. (Photo Via Acure) According to the company, Acure, that makes this smart phone … Continue reading Vending Machine Heaven

The things Logan Paul did in Japan

A poplar American YouTuber, Logan Paul, who went to the well known suicide forest called Aokigahara(or Fuji no Jukai) in Japan, filmed a hanging body is a very big controversy. The forest is located in Yamanashi prefecture. I grew up near there and heard a lot about Aokigahara when I was teenager. People said “If you go into the forest, you’ll never come back because you’ll … Continue reading The things Logan Paul did in Japan

An island where nobody can have a dog

According to Nishinippon Shinbun, there is an island that having a dog as a pet is a big taboo. The island is located in Saga prefecture, it is called Kakarashima (???). About 130 people live there (2015). A journalist who works for Nishinippon Shinbun has visited the island. The journalist has asked residents about having pet dogs. People said “No one can own a dog, … Continue reading An island where nobody can have a dog

Convenience stores should sell porn?

When I lived overseas, I was surprised that Japan is famous for being a Hentai  (pervert) country. Some guy talked me about Japanese porn or anime. I’ve never thought that Japan is a perverted country, but after I lived outside of Japan, I realized that there wasn’t any porn displayed in stores. However, in Japan we can see porn being sold, even in convenience stores. … Continue reading Convenience stores should sell porn?

President of H.I.S is planning to travel by himself

H.I.S is one of biggest travel companies in Japan. Hideo Sawada set up the company as International Tours Co., Ltd. in 1980. He used to be a backpacker. He traveled to over 50 countries from 1973 to 1976. H.I.S stands for Hideo (President of H.I.S) International Service. It has 296 branches in Japan and 271 branches outside of Japan. According to Nishi Nihon Shinbun, Mr.Sawada is … Continue reading President of H.I.S is planning to travel by himself