Big Camera accepts bitcoin as payment

Big Camera that is appliance chain shops, which has 41 stores in Japan, started accepting payment with bitcoin including online shop, Bic (English ver)

There is a limit to buy with bitcoin is 100,000yen (1000 U.S Dollar when $1=100yen).

Also, Megane Super that is glasses retail shops, which has 369 shops (2017, Oct), and H.I.S that is travel agency accept bitcoins. Only 38 H.I.S shops accept out of 567 shops.
Megane Super (Japanese)   H.I.S (Japanese)

In addition, one big company it called GMO started to pay 10% of salary with bitcoin if employee want.  Apparently, 60% of bitcoin trading is traded by Japanese people.

It’s exciting to see how spread payment with bitcoin in Japan.

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