A team in Tokyo University developed repairable glass

A research team, including a Professor from Tokyo university, Takuzo Aizawa and a PhD student Yu Yanagisawa revealed their repairable glass by compressing pieces together.

They tried to invent a new kind of glue, but by chance they found polyether thioureas, which has a self repairing and adhesive function. The glass was made by polyether thioureas and can be “repaired”. When the broken glass pieces were pushed for tens of seconds, it reconnected back together into one piece. Also the strength of the glass recovered back to it’s original form.

Yu Yanagisawa said ” I was suspicious when I found it. People reading my research paper pointed out various interesting things, so we did experiment many times. I’m happy that the repairable glass can change the cycle of when people throw away glasses. Repairable glass will be nice for the environment.” ((NHK NEWS WEB)

(Photo is from http://free-illustrations.gatag.net photographer:allvectors.com)



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