NHK’s new sitcom about British man’s Tokyo life

NHK is the Japanese national public broadcasting organization in Japan. Out of Japan, when you want to watch Japanese news, there is NHK WORLD channnel on cable TV. ┬áThe 2020 Olympics will held in Tokyo, Japan. The Japanese government and many companies expect that many people will visit Japan during this time, so NHK makes a new sitcom called Home Sweet Tokyo to highlight about Japanese culture. The story is about a British man who moves to Japan to live with his Japanese wife and father- in law. He is shocked by many culture differences. The actor, BJ Fox, who plays the main character says, “There is a lot of my actual experiences, cultural shocks in this script. I had to go back and discover the fresh outlook when you find things for the first time when you see something for the first time.” on NHK WORLD website (

To watch the sitcom, it is very eye opening, for me, as a Japanese national. This is because many things that are normal for me, are very shocking for non-Japanese people. If you want to learn about Japanese daily life, not the old samurai era traditional, Buddhist temple life or crazy Anime, this sitcom is a very good beginner’s guide to modern-day common Japanese life. You can watch the sitcom on NHK WORLD website. (

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