70 stories buildings made from wood

Sumitomo Forstry Co., Ltd. has announced that they have a plan to build a building, which has 70 stories, 350M tall and made from wood in 2041.

Sumitomo Forstry Co., Ltd will be 350 years old in 2041. They have Forestry & Environment Business, Timber and Building Materials Business and Housing Business etc… They own 46,444 ha of mountain forest, which is one nine hundreds of land in Japan (wikipedia, 2018).


The plan is to use tons of wood. The amount will be equivalent for building 8,000 houses. They intend to revitalize forestry industry with wood from Japan. The building will be 90% wood and 10% of structural steel because they need to build an earthquake-resistant building. Offices and shops, a hotel and condominiums will be in the building. It will cost about 60 billion yen.


There is a video that shows their idea. The building will be a forest that you can feel all four seasons and forest creatures will exist there as well. You can see the video from this  Link.

The tallest building in Japan is Abeno Harukas in Osaka. If Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd achieves their plan, their building will be the tallest in Japan. Strong earthquake happen  a lot in Japan. If they build a tall and strong building that is resistant to strong earthquakes, it will be amazing. It’s exciting to know how they will prepare against fires and earthquakes. Also, if all buildings will be made from wood, lots of nature will be a part of cities! It’s good for the environment and people’s mental and physical health too. I can’t wait to see the building!

Sumitomo Forestry Co., Ltd. web site: http://sfc.jp/english/business/
Photos via Sumitomo Forestry Co., web site




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