Love Hotels in Japan

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I thought Love Hotels were everywhere. All over the world.  Until I live outside of Japan. A Love Hotel is a hotel for making love. Usually, people can choose to stay for as short as 2 hours, “Free Time” (Happy Hour) or stay a night. When you check out, guests just pay through an ATM-like machine in the room. So you don’t need to see anybody during your stay. There are some differences between hotels and Love Hotels.


Guests don’t need to meet face to face with a front desk staff.
Guests choose which room they want to stay, via a display dashboard located in the    lobby. Photos and prices are listed. After making selection, you go straight to the room. Guests don’t need to show their ID.
Amenities such as toiletries are available and even a free condom.
There is a sex toy vending machine in the room.
Some Love Hotels even lend sexy cosplay costumes.
You can watch porn on TV.
There is no door lock for the bathroom door.
Some Love Hotels serve guests a free meals and drinks, and they deliver the meals to the room. Sometimes there is special compartment which has two small doors. One of the doors faces the room and the other door faces the hallway. The Love Hotel staff can put your food into the compartment from the hallway and you can receive the food from you room. This is for maximum privacy.
Usually the bath is a Jacuzzi.
Some Love Hotels have more amenities than normal hotels like a hair iron, many kinds of shampoos, skin lotions and creams…
Most Love Hotels don’t take any reservations.
Some Love Hotels have large mirrors on ceilings or on the walls.
No windows are in the rooms or if there is a window, it will be very tiny.
Many love hotels have colorful signs and appearance. Some love hotels are like castles.


Some Love Hotels have a karaoke machine.
Many Love Hotels rooms have a theme. introduces very unique themed Love Hotel rooms.

??/Kyuukei (Break)

Basically, guests can stay 2 hours between morning and night. Some hotels might set 1 hour or 3 hours as kyuukei. If you go past the time, guests have to pay additional fees. This is the basic style of staying at a Love Hotel.

??????/Free Time (Happy Hour)

Valuable deal from morning to evening. Many Love Hotels have this service from morning or noon to evening. For example, guests can stay at the Love Hotel from 9am to 5pm without any additional hourly fee.

??/Shukuhaku (Over night stay)

Guests can stay at a Love Hotel from night to morning.

Love Hotels are used by couples, one night standing and affairs. When I was teenager, one Love Hotel had a tanning machine, and I wanted get tanned so I went to there with my friends and used the tanning machine, because it was cheaper than going to a tanning salon.

Love Hotels: The Hidden Fantasy Rooms of Japan is a book about Love Hotels. Also, a YouTuber,  Abroad in Japan  shows Love Hotels in Japan really well. If you are interested, I highly recommend his video about Love Hotels on YouTube.

When you travel in Japan, it might be fun to stay at a Love Hotel instead of regular hotel.

(Futured image via Hotel Sara Kawagoe)

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