Love Hotels in Japan

(Via A common basic love hotel room I thought Love Hotels were everywhere. All over the world. ¬†Until I live outside of Japan. A Love Hotel is a hotel for making love. Usually, people can choose to stay for as short as 2 hours, “Free Time” (Happy Hour) or stay a night. When you check out, guests just pay through an ATM-like machine in … Continue reading Love Hotels in Japan

Christmas is the “Couple’s Day” in Japan

It’s the holiday season! I’ve heard “Happy Holidays!” a lot. Japan is a Buddhist and Shinto country, but they celebrate Christmas Day, have wedding ceremonies at church and wear costumes for Halloween. They are very open minded about accepting other cultures in this regard. Even though Christmas Day is not a holiday in Japan, it is a very big event for them. Christmas Day in … Continue reading Christmas is the “Couple’s Day” in Japan