HADO, throw energy balls in the real world!

Dreams come true!
Many game fans or Dragon ball fans have wished they could do a Kamehameha.
Finally, it can happen in Japan!

A Japanese company, “meleap” invented HADO.

They say “HADO is the combination of motion censor, smartphone, AR (augmented Reality) tech, and sports that creates a whole new experience that we call Techno Sports.”

“HADO’s AR tech enables people to shoot the energy balls and pull up the shields that people have dreamed of since childhood. Something magical happens… experiences like none you have ever seen.”

Now, you can play HADO at House Tembos (Huis Ten Bosch) in Nagasaki (http://english.huistenbosch.co.jp), VR Center in Saitama (https://www.vrcenter.jp) and THE 3RD PLANET in Yokohama(http://3rd-planet.jp/shop/kohoku/news/event/6706/). In HADO there is a Person vs Person as well as Person vs Monster version too.

HADO has held a World Cup on December 3, 2017. The total prize was ¥3,000,000.
meleap setup branch companies in L.A. in the U.S and KL in Malaysia.
Apparently, there are places where people can play HADO in 9 countries.

HADO USA has tweeted
In the U.S, people can play HADO at Zone Lazer, Dublin CA.
7102 Dublin Blvd. Dublin, CA 94568
It costs only $10 for 3 games.

I’m plannning to visit to Japan in a few months. I’ll definitely play HADO!

Website of meleap (English) http://meleap.com/?lang=en

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